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Equalizer for Windows Phone 8

Equalizer for Windows Phone 8

Hi, I will be probably buying one of Nokia Lumia phones in a few days. Is there a built equalizer for Spotify, like there is one for Android app? If not, is there any other way to use the equalizer, for example the default provided by Nokia? 

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Thanks for question.


There is no built-in equalisator in Spotify of Windows Phone.


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Nokia devices for the most part have built in equalizers and support for Dolby Digital headphones. Better off using the one built into the phone as the quality is far superior (from what I noticed in other apps).

Just a word of warning - spotify on android offers far more (including an equaliser)  than it does on WP presently. Just browse some of the threads here.

Thanks for all of your answers.

I'm definitely gonna have a closer look on Spotify app on WP.


Just to clarify - does the built-in Nokia equalizer works for all of the phone features and external apps, installed by the user? I thought that it only works with Nokia default music player.

See if this helps.  It is built into the phone, but a Nokia exclusive.  It is everything to do with the audio out of the phone, so in the end it manages the equalizer for anything from your music to your games, regardless of the app.




That's indeed very helpful. Guess I know everything by now. Thanks to all of you again!

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