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'Espresso' plays upon app restart

'Espresso' plays upon app restart




iPhone 8

Operating System

iOS 16.7.7


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Whenever I restart the Spotify app, through either restarting my phone or leaving the app closed for a while, when I open the app, it automatically opens 'Espresso' by Sabrina Carpenter, instead of resuming my last song or not playing anything. I have never listened to this song, nor any similar songs, so it is especially odd why it keeps appearing. 

This is, however, a relatively minor issue, so I am not expecting an immediate response, but it is very irritating, so it would be nice to solve

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Hi there @Willtheszeras,


Thanks for reaching out.


This is quite odd. When did this first start happening? And is it only on your iPhone? Consider trying a full clean reinstall to clear any damaged cache that may be causing this. If the issue persists or if it happens on all your devices, webplayer included, consider following these steps.


Hope this helps.

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Every time my playlist is over the first song played is F…g Espresso by Sabrina !!! 
I disliked the song, I skipped it, I add it to the playlist ! 
for some reason Spotify keeps giving me that song which I am ready to vomit already ! 









(iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy 9, Macbook Pro late 2016)

Operating System

(iOS 10, Android Oreo, Windows 10,etc.)


My Question or Issue


same i do not like that song at all and it keeps playing it every time 

This is happening to me too!

Hey @Massiveattack,

Thanks for reporting this!
Have you tried any of the troubleshooting steps, mentioned by @Joan?
Please do and let us know how it goes 🙂

We'll be on the lookout for your reply.

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**bleep**! I was reading the same thing below. Every time a playlists ends it plays that Same Espresso song! Is this a glitch or is on purpose? 

Same for my family account with all 3 family members. Every other song!!!!

I reinstalled the app and it did not change much.

The bug did become rarer a few days after I made the post, and it now only appears after leaving the app closed for several hours

It is only on my iPhone - the desktop app doesn’t, and none of my friends’ iPhones do it

Hi! I came on the issues page specifically looking for this because I really think it’s a recommendation bug. Something must be seriously ranking Espresso at the top because I keep getting it almost after every random song I play and I think it’s too much of a coincidence. Before, maybe a couple of months ago this was not the case and the next recommended songs were a bit more random. I work on engineering so my gut tells me this is a software bug or maybe the song is picked as a fixed fallback? I don’t know what it is but please look into it, don’t get me wrong is a good song but if I have to hear it again I will lose it.

I’ve heard it’s the top rated song on Spotify, but I guess it’s a bit chicken and egg - is it top because it keeps playing or does it keep playing because it’s top.

It’s also odd that there seems to be two connected bugs with this song, because I only get it when the app attempts to reload the song I was playing last, after it has left RAM (at least that’s my working hypothesis), while lots of others get it autoplayed

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