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Esso ads

Hello everyone! I've got a Nokia Lumia 1020 and I've recently installed the free version of Spotify. For the first two weeks it worked perfectly but three or four days ago I had a problem. The Esso's ads (I have this ads because I'm italian) makes everything stop working. I can't stream music nor change playlist anymore; it just tells me that I have to wait until the ads is finished but the ads doesn't play. I've already tried closing Spotify and re-opening it, switching off and on again my telephone, changing to Wi-Fi but it didn't work. The only way I can make spotify work again is by deleting and re-installing it but I have to do it again every time this ads pops up. With every other ads it works just fine. It happens especially with 4G but sometimes even when I'm using Wi-Fi. I hope I could explain properly my problem, since English isn't my mother tongue!
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me too with a nokia 920
e mi pare che SPotity sia una specie di muro di gomma su problemi anomali e soprattutto su WP, purtroppo

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