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Experiencing stutter randomly on my Yamaha WXA50

Experiencing stutter randomly on my Yamaha WXA50




The Netherlands


Yamaha WXA50

Operating System



My Question or Issue

I'm experiencing randomly stutter using Spotify Connect with my Yamaha WXA-50. When I play music via spotify connect after some time randomly the music stops and 3 seconds later plays the music again, and repeats with same phenomenon with shorter pauses everytime. After a while it plays the music again without stutter. The duration time of the stutter is around 30sec. When I skip the song during this phenomenon, it plays the new song without stutter. It starts mostly after around 15min. playing music via spotify connect without stutter. 

The WXA-50 is connected via ethernet. Via the optical input I connected chromecast audio instead. Via this way I do not experience any issues. When playing internet radio on WXA-50 I also do not experience any issues.

The issue which I am experiencing very annoying. Could someone please help me to resolve?


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I have a Yamaha Aventage RX-A2A receiver with the exact same stuttering issue. I've been experiencing this for what feels like at least six months. I live in Korea so I think the issue has nothing to do with the location. Hope they will fix this soon

It happens with ifi streamer too .

Has this issue "magically" disappeared for others as well?


No firmware update (or downgrade) on WXA-50, but I haven't experienced it in quite a while now...

For me it disappeared exactly when I downgraded firmware on N470D. MusicCast continues to suggest to upgrade the firmware, very annoying, trying to avoid it since there isn't any new update.

I tested it yeterday and it worked OK (WXC-50) for a few songs then returned. It is certainly not fixed.

Nope its not fixed yet. But the thing is, you cant tell when or why it happens. But the stutter still comes randomly.

Any update regarding this? I'm experiencing stutter with an Aventage RX-A2A. 




I was tyred of waiting for Yamaha so i sold mine and went for a Marantz.

No more problems now 😉


And no more Yamaha for me 😉

I recently started using Qobuz via MConnectHD on ios with an WXC-50 as a renderer (Play To).  Stuttering started after streaming 24/192 files from Qobuz/MConnectHD to the WXC-50. I reinstalled the firmware from 2021 and it temporarily went away only to return after about 2 hours of streaming.  After it started stuttering again, no source would play smoothly whether from Airplay or Qobuz directly at lower resolutions, or local server files as a Server source on the WXC-50. Shutting off the WXC-50 and turning it back on fixed the issue for a while and in the process I discovered a few things on the WXC-50 settings. Every time I would stop MConnect HD I would hear the Server source autoplay on the WXC-50.  I checked settings and shut off all sources’ autoplay.  Despite trying to select Wired on the WXC-50 it kept reverting to wireless. As I’m cabled in I changed that in the web browser settings and it stuck so now it’s truly connected as wireless. Testing the new settings now and will know in a couple of hours whether stuttering returns.  It’s definitely a buffer filling up somewhere as this never happened at 24/96khz. It’s only with 24/192khz files from streaming services. Local server files played via wifi to the WXC-50  at 24/192khz don’t cause the issue.  The incoming stream is getting backed up somewhere and I suspect the last step in the chain, in this case the WXC-50 as a renderer after passing through my ios device is causing a lag that breaks the incoming packets. The slowdown some folks are seeing might be the traffic jam affecting the stream as it begins to backup.  

Meant to say “truly connected as wired”

my recommendations are:   turn off autoplay for all sources; use wired only connection and make sure to set the device Status to Wired.  If this doesn’t work I’ll reply back and likely get a BlueSound Node.  Yamaha has abandoned the WXC-50 so if it doesn’t work now, it never will.  

No issues since switching to wired connection and changing the WXC-50 Network Connection Select to Wired LAN.  Despite plugging it in the selection remained Wireless until explicitly changed.  Previously had no issues with Apple Music since it’s resolution wasn’t 24/192 but Qobuz via MConnectHD was too much for the WXC-50 to handle when connected via WIFI.  Wired appears to work after 6 hours of 24/96 and 24/192 without a glitch.  I have a quite good router from Synology, MR2200ac, and have had no issues other than this. 

Just got Premium. I was disappointed using my RX-S601D because of the stuttering, delays, stops and so on. Tried all written on the topic, including in this thread like DNS's and what have you. Finally I went from firmware 2.86 (latest, 13/09/2021) back to 2.65 (previous one I have, 02/04/2019). What hit me first was the direct response from Spotify track selections made on my phone. On 2.86 it took a while for a track to start. With 2.65 instant! And so far no stutter, stops and so on. With 2.86 I got a stop or stutter within minutes. Kind of "funny", the release notes for 2.86: "Spotify connection stability improvement"

This is not occurring only on Spotify. I have the same issue on Qobuz.

this is yamaha wxa-50 problem not spotify i still looking for solution

I am testing now wired connection on WXC-50. No issues so far. Using Multicast app to play Qobuz 24/192 content.

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