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Experiencing stutter randomly on my Yamaha WXA50

Experiencing stutter randomly on my Yamaha WXA50




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I'm experiencing randomly stutter using Spotify Connect with my Yamaha WXA-50. When I play music via spotify connect after some time randomly the music stops and 3 seconds later plays the music again, and repeats with same phenomenon with shorter pauses everytime. After a while it plays the music again without stutter. The duration time of the stutter is around 30sec. When I skip the song during this phenomenon, it plays the new song without stutter. It starts mostly after around 15min. playing music via spotify connect without stutter. 

The WXA-50 is connected via ethernet. Via the optical input I connected chromecast audio instead. Via this way I do not experience any issues. When playing internet radio on WXA-50 I also do not experience any issues.

The issue which I am experiencing very annoying. Could someone please help me to resolve?


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In short.
Absolutely flawless with previous firmware. What a joy.
Email yamaha support for a previous firmware!

Attached a file to demonstrate the yamaha/spotify behavior we are trying to fix.
Started recording right after the stream stops/fails.

yes,exactly that! The last update has a reduced packet size and the cache gets depleted leading to this buffering. The previous firmware has a packet size twice as big. No idea why Yamaha changed it but it doesn't work with real life provider feed speeds. Definitely not a Spotify issue although I still think that Spotify should collaborate on solving it.

Hi all,

I understand that Yamaha is (for some reason) reluctant to send out the previous firmware versions for your hardware. I just scanned around the internet and has many articles about Yamaha updates for specific models and there are update links included. Worth a try, right?

I've contacted Yamaha support yesterday. They responded quite fast:


The issues with audio drop outs when using Spotify connect are under investigation at the Yamaha development department in Japan. A former firmware will not solve the issues. We kindly ask for your patience and confidence until the reason is found and the issues will be solved.


A few thinks that are strange in my opinion:

  • Why does it take at least 3 months to correct a simple parameter (packet size) in a firmware?
  • Why do they still offer the faulty firmware?
  • Why state that a previous firmware does not solve the issue? It does!
  • And is it just me, or are many people experiencing this issue based in the Netherlands? Me included. But I did see a variation of internet providers mentioned in this topic. Mine is Delta/Caiway.


  1. Same problem here with Yamaha RX-S601D with T-mobile 1Gb syn also in Netherlands. Using latest firmware (2.86) and wired internet connection.
  2. Which other brand av-receiver does not have this problem?


I'm located in France and have the same problem with my 2 Yamaha devices : WX-030 and RX-v583. I have contacted Yamaha 10 days ago, have sent the techinfo file, but got no feedback yet.
None of my 2 devices has received firmware update since months. From my point of view, this problem comes from Spotify who may have changed something in the flow which makes all Yamaha devices buggy
So I really hope that spotify and Yamaha are dicsussing togehter, and I hope that the problem could be solved without having Yamaha to update the full range of products...
My 2 cents...

De problemen met audio-uitval bij het gebruik van Spotify connect worden onderzocht door de ontwikkelingsafdeling van Yamaha in Japan.
Nederland en Frankrijk lijken last te hebben van dit probleem, maar in andere Europese landen zijn er geen gevallen. 
Een oude firmware lost de problemen niet op. We vragen vriendelijk om je geduld en vertrouwen totdat de reden is gevonden en de problemen zijn opgelost

Dank u en vriendelijke groeten,

Yamaha Customer Service en Support

Yamaha Music Europe GmbH
Siemensstrasse 22-34
25462 Rellingen

Ha mooi verhaal van Yamaha.
Hier na de downgrade in 100 uur streamen geen hik meer gehoord.
Dat had ik gewoon 8 weken eerder moeten ipv mezelf maar zitten ergeren.

Als @LoloSchick  echt de problemen heeft met bufferen zoals uit het voorbeeld filmpje en dan even verteld welke firmware er nu op zijn v583 staat.
Dat zal dan wel de V2.87 versie zijn.

Waar kan ik firmware 2.85 vinden voor rx-s601d

hello, the fimware of my RX-V583 is 2.87 and the one for WX-030 is 3.17

Best regards


Where can I find older firmware version? Yamaha only has latest to download.

Allright LoloSchick

V2.87 for your rx-v583 is the latest available, came out around oktober of 2021.
its the exact same firmware my rx-v483 had and had spotify issues.

If you are interested in trying out the previous version V2.85 instead of waiting for a possible yamaha fix you can try this:
-What you need.
1: version v2.85 firmware (link provided in attachment)
2: ip adres of your rx-v583
3: a device, tablet pc phone with a internet browser.

Step 1: get the firmware.

To get the firmware checkout the mail.jpg attachment where yamaha provides me a link to the older v2.85 firmware.
I'm not sharing a direct file here and you should always get software / firmware using credible sources.
I highly recommend you to try yamaha support yourself to obtain the older firmware.
If you feel comfortable using the download link, type it into a browser to download the R0424-0285.bin  file
Save it where you can find it for later use.

Step 2:  find the ip adres of your Rx-v483
easy option would be to use the buildin menu (on tv screen setup)
For my rx-483 i press setup on remote.
Pick option network from menu.
Select option information.
take not of the ip address. You will need it in step 3

Step 3: The downgrade.
Using a browser, on the device you also downloaded the older version with.
type in the ip adres you found in step 2.
The browser will display your yamaha system configuration webpage.
Navigate to the firmware settings and follow the wizzard.
Select the downloaded file and apply.

Again, if you have any doubts,  just wait for yamaha to come with a fix.

But if you do downgrade. please let us know the results for rx-v583 on firmware V2.85



Thx for sharing the link! 😄

I'll surely try it out.

You have a V683, the firmware shares its version number but its not suitable for your device.

The download link should be usable for: 

Thx I just realized. Verified with Yamahas download section and my model only shares firmware with A770 and A870.
So I have to wait for an official fix...

Anybody heard something from Yamaha?

Nothing at all. Really, really bad. 

Anybody some news about this?


I'm following this subject here because i also experience the stutter with Spotify with my Yamaha Rx v4a.

Yesterday i noticed a difference however not really positive because normaly i can select my Yamaha receiver when i'm using spotify on my laptop by selecting it with Spotify Connect bottom right. But since yesterdag or so i can select my phone, or my PS5 but when i select the Yamaha receiver it keeps searching or something? Does not connect. The receiver is connected to the network and i can operate it with Musiccast. Its just that Spotify doesn't recognise my receiver anymore?


Anyone else experiencing this?



I have an N470d an have exactly the same. I contacted Yamaha at the first week of 2022, but it has been silent from their side since then.

Very disappointing....


I have found a French forum where there complaints are piling up as well:,problemes-de-coupure-de-son-avec-musiccast-et-spo...


Regards Chris

Hello, I go back to Spotify after 6 months with another service and I experience the same problem with my R-N803D, I tested the manual setting of the IP following the forum with no result. I a pity but I will cancel my subscription the time to resolve the problem with Yamaha, it's totaly useless now, this afternoon I had a drop avery 10min. We paid for that!

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