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Experiencing stutter randomly on my Yamaha WXA50

Experiencing stutter randomly on my Yamaha WXA50




The Netherlands


Yamaha WXA50

Operating System



My Question or Issue

I'm experiencing randomly stutter using Spotify Connect with my Yamaha WXA-50. When I play music via spotify connect after some time randomly the music stops and 3 seconds later plays the music again, and repeats with same phenomenon with shorter pauses everytime. After a while it plays the music again without stutter. The duration time of the stutter is around 30sec. When I skip the song during this phenomenon, it plays the new song without stutter. It starts mostly after around 15min. playing music via spotify connect without stutter. 

The WXA-50 is connected via ethernet. Via the optical input I connected chromecast audio instead. Via this way I do not experience any issues. When playing internet radio on WXA-50 I also do not experience any issues.

The issue which I am experiencing very annoying. Could someone please help me to resolve?


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Having the same problem on a yamaha rx-v4a spotify and yamaha should really fix this... Happens till ~4 weeks before that it worked flawlessly.


I'm experiencing the same problem using Spotify Connect with my Yamaha RX-A3060 or with MusicCast 20

It will be great to have a fix from Yamaha

I'm not 100% sure this a Spotify issue as the issue started for me after doing a firmware upgrade on mt wxad-10 Yamaha device. Now That I have read all the posts this statement is confirmed by Zedman. So indeed we need a fixed firmware version from Yamaha or downgrade the firmware like Zedman did. 

removed duplicate post

I agree with you. It started on my RX-V683 after updating to 2.87. It is very annoying, so I opened a ticket on Yamaha support. At the moment they only replied that they have acknowledged the feedback and forwarded it internally.


I keep you updated if I hear any further from them.

Yamaha emailed me today to say that it's under investigation in Japan and they'll release a fix asap

I received the following reply from Yamaha. It isn't very hopeful. Unfortunately in Dutch: "Het lijkt erop dat Nederland problemen heeft met Spotify met verschillende Yamaha-apparaten en dit na een update van het Yamaha-apparaat of de modemrouter of soms zelfs zonder een update.
dit soort problemen doet zich in andere landen(Dus het probleem ligt niet in het Yamaha Toestel) niet voor en de verscheidenheid aan bestaande modems maakt de ontwikkeling van een kant-en-klare oplossing niet mogelijk.
onze collega's hebben ons deze informatie gegeven die in bepaalde gevallen kan helpen:

It could well be that security aspects play a major role there. Most routers (here in Germany, especially AVM's "Fritzbox") have improved their security measures with updates.
- First, delete the corresponding device from the router registry
- Unplug the DSL line
- deactivate the firewall in the router
- register the affected device again.
- If the registration was successful, activate the firewall, establish DSL connection

- log out completely from Spotify according to the instructions and log in again:
Without this action, simply logging in/out of Spotify is not helpful.

dit was niet de juiste oplossing voor een andere klant aan wie we deze manipulatie voorstelden.

zijn modem veranderde automatisch van WIFI-band hier is wat hij ons als feedback gaf:
"Wat het probleem wel heeft opgelost is het uitschakelen van het automatisch schakelen van de router tussen 2,4 en 5 GHz."

om te controleren, dus...."

Well that reply is an exact copy of what Yamaha send me…. But I replied that this cannot be true…. As my Yamaha device is on Ethernet.


my reply in dutch btw:


Geachte lezer,

Dank voor uw antwoord. 
Toch denk ik niet dat het issue zit in schakelen tussen de 2,4 en 5ghz band op de router.
Ik heb daar drie redenen voor:
1) zoals gezegd is waxd10 via ethernet verbonden dus niet wireless.
2) de eerste keer dat ik het issue had was mijn router en airport extreme. Nu is dat een Orbi. Twee verschillende routers die plots het zelfde probleem gaan vertonen vind ik vreemd.
3) het wisselen tussen de banden zou natuurlijk gewoon moeten kunnen.


I have a download link for the previous version of the firmware and that fixed it for sure on my wxad-10. Send me a PM with your email address and I'll send you the link.

For other models, you can try searching on the NL page of Yamaha in the download section for Audio&Visual. There are loads of firmware versions there and you may find the previous version. It's important to realize that this is not the Music Cast app version but the firmware inside the device. You can find the version in the diagnostics section of the Music Cast app. ( App settings>information>Diagnostics) . Hope this helps.

You have to log into the device by using its IP address in your browser when on the same network. Make sure to set the mode to the correct situation (Wi-Fi or Wired connection)

There is a new firmware version available for the WXA/WXC-50 since January 28. It's version 2.86 and the issue should be resolved. Will test later today.


I stand corrected. Google result said it was posted 28 january, but that was 2020...

I didn't know the last firmware version, but the changelog stated: 

  1. Spotify connection stability improvement

Firmware version 2.86 is available since the 4. th of October last year and definitely started the problems on my wxa 50. Unfortunately I see no other firmware update on the Yamaha website yet.

I stand corrected. Google result said it was posted 28 january, but that was 2020...

I didn't know the last firmware version, but the changelog stated: 

  1. Spotify connection stability improvement


In your router at DHCP make a reservation for the Yamaha ip adress. 

This doesn't solve the issue we're experiencing...

Ok, i wish it helped for you, for the first time i had no issues after this change, i have been playing Spotify playlists for a day.. 

The issue will come back, trust me on that 😉
(or your issue had a different cause)

Having exactly the same problem on RX-V585. Never had it before and started like a month ago suddenly.


Btw. 4 pages of comments, but only 7 people clicked "me too" to indicate the issue. Spotify gets hardly notified about it...


Thanks for the hint. Clicked "me too" now. But I don't think it helps much. The problem is very likely on Yamahas side.

Same for me on rx-v483 with latest firmware V2.87
Noticed the issue late november pretty much right after firmware update.
Got the older firmware somewhere late december
I obtained previous version  V2.85 using yamaha support.
Took a good while for them to send it to me. And i took a good while to finally try the downgrade today. 
The download link provided by yamaha points to a  my . hydrive .com downloadfile.
I'd rather have my firmware come from a yamaha website and that is why i have been waiting on a fixed newer firmware.

reverting back to V2.85 as i'm typing this.
Finally annoyed me enough to try the downgrade.

The name of the file is R0424-0285.bin
should be good for these receivers:

<firmware revert has just completed, personal settings are still ok>
Will stream and get back with results.

Best to all, and lets hope for a fix.


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