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Explicit Lyrics/Radio Edit

Explicit Lyrics/Radio Edit


Is there a policy that Spotify does not list radio edit versions of tracks?


I have two daughters and a current favourite for them is "cake by the ocean" by DNCE. This is a very radio heavy song but we now can't play it on Spotify as there strong use of the f-word throughout the song. Obviously there is a radio friendly version, why is this not available on Spotify?



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This is EXACTLY what led me to google search the option to turn off explicit lyrics in spotify which dissappointingly does not exist. I was shocked when this song came on with my children in the car. Spotify, PLEASE ADD THE OPTION TO SELECT BETWEEN RADIO AND EXPLICIT. I'll be forced to cancel otherwise. I just don't understand what harm their is in offering clean and explicit content. Expand your market and offer this option. Thank you!!

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