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Explicit podcasts being recommended on home screen

Explicit podcasts being recommended on home screen

Is it possible to keep explicit podcasts from being recommended on the home screen? We listen to podcasts from Trevor Noah which sometimes has explicit language, but that does not mean I want other explicit content being suggested. 

2 Replies

Hey there @jcweiner,


Thanks for the post.


There is currently no way of manually adding/ removing content from your home screen recommendations.


Those are based on what is most popular with other users who enjoy content similar to the one you tend to listen to.


Other users also want the ability to add/ remove content from the home screen. Add your +Vote this Idea and don't let the status discourage you. This simply means that it's not something planned officially for the next upcoming update.


Take care!

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Very good point jcweiner. I'm in a similar or worse situation, with my children (8 and 11) using my Spotify account because Spotify Kids is not available in my country. Basically due to wrong tagging they ended up on a **bleep**-BDSM very crude podcast because it was (and is still despite several notification to spotify - notice the other recommended features - and spot the odd one on the screenshot attached ) labelled as 'history' - and appears next to history for children programs. So basically, This BDSM podcast is the first thing showing up on my (PAID!) account. In addition, I have turned explicit content off - but the app is designed in such a perverse way that it is way easier to remove the explicit content filter than to instate it (try it yourself) - I believe this is a dark pattern made on purpose, not an oversight.


I think this is really appalling from a company that wishes to portray itself as user-friendly, child and privacy caring (reason why spotify kids was made - and is being charged almost twice the regular premium fee). Why are there no efficient parental controls by default (for instance AT LEAST A PASSWORD TO ENABLE EXPLICIT CONTENT) ?


A shame.



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