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FORCEFULLY Remove Podcast from "Your Shows"

FORCEFULLY Remove Podcast from "Your Shows"





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Hi. I would like to remove a recommended podcast from the "My Shows" category on my spotify home-screen. I watched 3 episodes of a personal podcast (dating advice podcast) and it keeps appearing on my home-screen. You may understand, this is embarrassing, especially when I am on dates and my date wants to use my spotify account.


I understand there is currently no built-in way of doing this, so I would like to know alternative approaches, because I do not want a particular show to pop-up on my home screen.


I have tried:
* Unfollowing the show

* Marking the 3 episodes as unwatched

* Following and watching MANY other podcasts (30+ episodes - in attempt to push the other podcast out)


None of the above has solved the issue - the podcast still appears.



So - now we have to take drastic measures. I would like to know how I can delete my account entirely and start from the beginning, to remove all history from my account. Since spotify refuses to implement this feature (first requested in 2019), I'll have to unsubscribe from my payment subscription, delete my account and create a brand new account. Please let me know how I can achieve this process. Thanks!


I would like to use the same email address if possible - please let me know if this is possible. If not, I'll have to create a new email address.

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Did a live-chat with spotify (still ongoing as I write this).


I'm on my 2nd member of the support team - they're both going to "investigate the matter".

Oh forgot to follow this up:


The only suggestion they made to "resolve" this was to get me to make a new account then they'd transfer my subscription across.


I'm embarrassed for them.

Did they say they would transfer your existing playlists to the new account?  I am peeved that I can't delete shows that I am no longer interested in.

Please see my related idea to this. Hopefully it will get some attention

So, I figured I would drop a comment here before I switch my streaming service, in case that changes anything for the people who are still using Spotify. I'm gonna go try out Deezer for this exact reason. (BTW, I've been paying a spotify subscription for a full year more or less, and was planning on keeping it even when I cancelled everything else.) Maybe I'll come back if I see that this feature has been added.  

The best way to convince Spotify to implement this feature is to simply stop paying for premium and move to the competitor. I have the same problem and I'm tired of this**bleep** that appears on my starting page and I deeply dislike.

Complete shame the Spotify won't address this. Please fix ASAP. I pay good money for your service and deserve better!

@tbrown1775 wrote:

If we start giving podcasts a one-star review and commenting that we can't remove this from our home pages, promoters will start getting the idea to Spotify leadership to implement a fix.

This. I'll be absolutely doing this and I urge everyone to the same. Great idea.

Adding to the growing list of complaints. They only reference some other petition from 2018 to make the whole home screen customizable that they killed long ago, there's not even a petition for this specific issue that we can sign up for. I'm not asking for full customization, just a tiny amount of control over my listening history when I listen to two seconds of something and don't like it. 

I am having the same issue (iOS). I also noticed that you can actually get "not interested" into some podcasts while you can't on some others. Also: I got the issue with some news podcasts that popped up on my "for you" list (probably because I listen to a lot of commentary podcasts) and it got into my streaming list - and unfortunately started - while I wasn't paying attention to it. 

As mentioned earlier, I haven't subscribed to the podcast and I have listened to it once or twice (by mistake) and now I have to freaking pay attention to when it starts because I do not really want to listen to it.

Considering that I have been paying for the spotify services for quite a few years now, I must say that I am considering alternatives to bring my family account (and money) somewhere else: this should be a fairly simple implementation on the suggestion algorithm (just down the weight of the cast for my account for heaven's sake!) and I can't really believe that the feature has been on hold for so long...

I had the same problem what i did was log out and sign back in again to remove them. They were gone after i did that so maybe it will work for you too 🙂 x

It is incredible that Spotify refuses to do anything about this. It is disgraceful


This is comedy gold. Thank you all. Shame that our lives are so difficult- “Spotify: I demand you to make adjustments so that I can hide my embarrassing listening history from my kids or dates.” 👏👏👏👏

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