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Family free trial and revolut

Family free trial and revolut



Finally I found out how to create a new post ! **bleep** yeah !


So, I've created a new Spotify account and subscribed to the Family Plan using my Revolut credit card. During the Family Plan registration, it has been asked what's my address. I entered my address in Switzerland.

Then, it asked for my payment method and I entered my Revolut credit card (from UK).

Now, when I look on my profile, it says that my country is UK. And when I look on my subscription page, it says my address is from Switzerland.


Because of that, nobody can join the Family Plan because when they enter the Switzerland address, it says that it's the wrong country ! (I think it expects a UK address that I don't have...)


Do you have any idea how to change that before the end of the month ? I still want to try the Spotify Family Plan before paying for it...


Thanks !
Have a nice day,


1 Reply

Hey there @FireGhost0610


Thanks for posting - we’re here to help!


Keep in mind that Spotify users can confirm their country setting only by providing a payment method issued in their actual country of residence. This might be the reason why your country setting isn't displayed as expected. 


To change your country to the correct one you'll need to update your payment details to a payment method issued in Switzerland. Check out this help page for more useful info on how to manage your country or region settings. 


Hope this helps. Let us know how it goes.   

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