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Fast forward and rewind not working on Chromecast

Fast forward and rewind not working on Chromecast

I'm having an issue with casting from Spotify...


I can start a playlist but I can't skip tracks. When I try to skip from either my laptop or phone the 'listening on' bar changes to 'device available' and back again, and the track doesn't change.


If I press skip again while the 'listening on' bar has changed, the track changes but playback starts on my PC.


Anyone any suggestions/had this problem before?


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Just want to confirm that I'm also expericing this behavoir. Once I start casting from my phone I can't remotely control the chromecast. Furthermore, if I try to switch playback back to my phone (i.e. to stop casting) the cast keeps playing AND audio starts playing on my phone.


Same experience if I try to control from my desktop client once the cast is playing.


The only way I've found to stop casting is to unplug my chromecast.

Me too. Cant skip a song when playing on chromecast

I have this same problem as well. I can use my TV remote to start and stop casting, but not to skip songs. The app itself does not work as a remote.

Please Spotify fix this soon, for now the app is essentially broken and not usable when casting!

Me too.

Exactly the same problem and I can't find a solution 😕

Waiting on a miracle.

Still a problem .. January 2018

I have this issue too 😞

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