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Feedback Form

I have an idea.

It's pretty simple.


Create a Feedback Form (instead of forum, like currently, I start a topic just because I wat to suggest something) for Spotify users to send their feedbacks. On any matter, especially user experience. Because we users know what's lacking and what not (in the interface), since we experience em.

We use the app, so we might have an idea on how to make Spotify better.


As for my suggestion; I think in the android app, Spotify should make available to view "all tracks" from the artist/band. Because currently I cant seem to view and shuffle play all of this one artist's songs. (But it's available on Web Player)


Or maybe it's just a glitch; it's actually there. Or I have mislooked.


Or maybe you just have your own reasons for purposely not making it available on apps.


Thank you.

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Yeah a feedback form will be great

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