Fire TV Stick - Spotify unusable


Fire TV Stick - Spotify unusable


My Question or Issue

When I start the app and play a song, after 30-90 seconds the app seems to crash the whole OS and the stick reboots. This started several weeks ago, I don't know if it started to happen after an update. This renders the app useless for me.


Amazon Fire TV Stick Gen 2

Operating System

Fire OS (646581820) - up to date as of time of writing

3.19/5.94 GB available

Spotify App v1.18.0






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Same issue here... not sure since I have the most up to date OS. I even reinstalled the app.


Nice to hear I'm not the only one 😄 The weird thing is that the new YouTube app for instance runs perfectly fine, and I thinl the hardware has a much harder time running video encoding... So I think we can rule faulty hardware out. But you never know lol. I hope Spotify can fix this problem soon.

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I am facing the exact same issue that you have mentioned. I contacted Amazon support for this around 3 months back, they told me that this was because of an unstable Spotify app. 3 months have passed & still no update of the Spotify app that addresses this issue.


Hello Bella,

thank you for your answer.


I'm already using the Spotify Connect app. There is no other Spotify app available for the Fire TV Stick.


And I'm not gonna use a third-party MP3 recorder service (does that even comply with Spotifys TOS?). That's not what I'm paying for. I'm paying for easy music *streaming* and the Spotify company fails to deliver it's service for it's supported devices.

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Hello Guys,

I have some update to share, Spotify has recently updated their FireTV App to v1.20.0 on 4th Oct.

1. On 5th of Oct I had an hour long chat with Spotify Support team, we were trying to diagnose the problem and we tried a lot of combinations & scenarios but the app kept crashing. The chat ended on a note that there seems to be a problem with the FireTV app. Although I was not given an estimate till when the bug would be fixed.

2. Yesterday I reset my FireTV and tried Spotify again but the app still crashed. Although then I noticed something strange, that if I start a song on Spotify and come to Home screen it does not crash. In other words if I play a song on Spotify and press the Home button the song continues to play in the background and the app does not crash but eventually the FireTV goes into sleep mode.

So, I just wanted to share new developments since I last posted my comment, hope it helps you’ll.