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[Fire-TV-Stick] doesn´t work

[Fire-TV-Stick] doesn´t work



I just got my new Fire-TV Stick and installed the Spotify connect app. On my android phone I find the Stick but when i try to connect the speaker symbol just keeps blinking and on the fire-tv stick i get the message Ooops, something went wrong.

Same WLAN, Spotify Connect 0.0.7 Spotify App

I can remote my Desktop Windows PC with the Android APP

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Similar problem here. I got a Fire TV last week and Spotify Connect worked fine with my Android Phone and Tablet. Yesterday I upgraded both to Lollipop and now I get the "Ooops, something went wrong message". My old Samsung Galaxy S2 (still running ICS) works fine. Seems like it's a problem with Spotify running on Android Lollipop.

Same problem here

It seems not to be a Lollipop related problem. Same problem here, but with Samsung Galaxy TAB 4 Android KitKat 4.4 and it worked last sunday and it does not anymore. Maybe Fire OS update broke it up....

Mine worked fine for two days then the latest Fire OS update appears to have broken it. Shame as Spotify through my AVR was the main reason for buying.

After automatic update fire TV Stick the spotifiy connect fails - no connection.

I've thought it was the FireTv update but found that it was the latest Spotify update. Uninstalled Spotify, installed the previous version and Connect is working again.

Previous version here:

But if  is a bad Spotify update, we should speak up with Spotify's support rather than side-loading previous versions....

Don't you think?

Yes - but the version on your device is the issue.

Again, in my view, Spotify is responsible to put in Amazon's AppStore a functional version of their app. The version that I found in the store should work.....


For me side-loading is not an option. Am I wrong?

Yes you are wrong. The app on the Fire Stick works fine. The latest release of Spotify for Android and PC is what has the problem. The version on your phone/tablet/PC is the issue, not the one on your Fire Stick. Spotify issue and should/will be resolved. I have explained how to fix this until an fixed version is released.

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