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Fire TV app will not stay shuffled

Fire TV app will not stay shuffled

No matter what I play on the Fire TV app, the playlists do not stay shuffled after exiting Spotify. Each time I have to turn shuffle back on with the controls at the bottom when I start listening to music again. Only work around I've found is to use my phone to start the playlist on the Fire TV.


Even more annoying is that it seems like the setting to not shuffle on the Fire TV also syncs to other apps---so it turns off shuffle when I play Spotify in my car using Android Auto (playlists are just selected in played, there's not a button to "Shuffle All" like in the app for other mobile devices).


I've had this issue for years. If it's a widespread issue, it's embarrassing that this hasn't been fixed yet.







Fire TV 3rd Gen



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Hey @mbp09


Welcome to the Community 🙂


Currently, if you close the app on your TV and then go back to it, it won't save what was being played before closing the app. When you reopen the app, you'll have to select a song to start the playback, but it'll be new content being played.


Additionally, at the moment Shuffle All option isn't available for TVs like it is for phones. 


As a workaround, you can start the playback from a mobile device using Connect if you want to make sure to listen to the previous content (or new one) with shuffle from the beginning.


However, if you think that other users might like having the option you mentioned as well, it's well worth adding it to our ideas board here. Others can then vote on it or add to the conversation to show their support.  


If you have any questions, just let us know!

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Hello @Eni,


I think that's if fine to not resume what was playing before, but playback settings like shuffle should default to the last previously selected setting (either from within the Fire TV app or as a setting that gets synced from other devices). It works this way in all the other apps for Spotify and this should not need to be a feature request but I will submit one. Thanks!

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