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Am I the only one noticing the glaring deficiencies in the Spotify FireTV app? There seem to be very few posts for FireTV help or solutions. The user interface is clunky and there have been no noticeable updates in functionality, layout or visual appeal to the app in the 2 years I've used it. Any updates seem to be for behind the scenes bugs that really had nothing to do with ease of use and function for the user.


Any suggestions or insight on these:

1. We only have the option to heart/like a song. Where is the dislike button? How does the algorithm gauge a user's taste to provide best match suggestions if we can't explicitly say, "I dont like this"? So it only gathers data on user preferences by searches we've done or by "hearts" awarded? Am I missing something?

What if I search for an artist by name because someone tells me to check them out and it turns out I'm completely disinterested? Is that artist in my search history forever or at least a prescribed amount of time feeding the algorithm false interest? In life you often get more info out of the "no's" than the "yes's". The app feels I'm adult enough to know when I like something but not to "dislike" something? Is it a money thing? They don't want to reduce plays for pays? Are they worried about hurting artists' feelings and giving out participation trophies? I'd much prefer to hear a much smaller sample size of music based on the songs/artists I've "liked" than so frequently having to skip songs it populates into mixes/playlists because I can't dislike. 

2. On the daily mix and algorithm generated playlist thumb nails it just shows a headshot an artist or band in the list - no name or genre. You have to open the list to see who it includes or the genre unless you recognize the pic from the thumbnail. On the Android app it provides a short list of 3 or 4 artists names that appear in the mix. Why not on FireTV app?

3. Navigating in FireTV app from any location/folder or partition (whatever the proper term is) like home to any other location like "made for you" or search is cumbersome. I realize that part (or most) of this may be due to the woefully lacking FireTV remote but there has to be a better/faster way. Can the layout be customized? Such as select what shows on home screen, order of what folders appear, can genres preferences be rated/sorted, etc? I can't find any options in preferences or settings.

4. This really isn't an issue just a general curiosity as it really is a work around for concerns 2 and 3 but why does spotify open automatically on my phone when streaming on FireTV? This happens about 90% of the time. In the end it works as I can use my phone as the remote and the Spotify Android app with its far superior layout and functionality to do everything on FireTV app except for volume. I really only use the FireTV app to run the sound through my receiver speakers for sound quality. Only time it was a concern was when i worked away from home office the day previous and left my phone charger behind so Spotify ate up phone battery quickly when it was running for an hour or two before I noticed to turn off Android app. After about 15 minutes it "decided" to open itself back up and continue eating battery. Just curious why it does this. 


Solutions, work arounds, or suggestions where to find some of this would be appreciated.

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