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FireTV Stick - no control board with some followed playlists

FireTV Stick - no control board with some followed playlists


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Amazon FireTV Stick

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Fire OS (606753920)


My Question or Issue

I have a free account, like I said earlier.

So I follow some playlists I like and now I have a serious question.

With some playlists, there is no issue at all, normal playlists your find due to search on the FireTV-app.

But I stumbled over some (one a few weeks ago before I got an updated version, and now, a few minutes ago) playlists, I guess, that don't allow me to skip, shuffle or even pause, because when I play them, there's no control panel. I can't do anything and to pause the track I have to shut down the app completely (or wait for an ad, cause that's when I get a control panel, but only for this specific ad!!!)

I have these issues only with a few followed playlists, not all. I have playlists I've been following a shorter time than the first with this issue.

So, I asked my father a few minutes ago, he downloaded the app, made a new profile to proof my concern with the same playlist, and it's the same with his TV. He has not a stick but a box(?), so it has to be the app.

It's a really annoying bug, and I hope, there's a fix for it, or else I have to look for anothet way to play my music, because it's really annoying to always have to shut the whole app only to 'pause' a playlist for a few minutes.


(The photo I attached is from a few minutes ago while the Rupaul song was playing, the third of this playlist...)

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I had this same problem today and think I just figured out that the playlists that don’t work are playlists with emoji’s in their names. I tried removing the emojis from playlists that weren’t working and now they’re working perfectly!

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