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Fix your darn app

Fix your darn app

I'm trying so hard to not lash out and be a complete **bleep** but the Spotify app is absolute trash. I used to use Spotify all the time and then got rid of it and after like 3 years I decided to try it again and see if things got better but it's still the same horrible app that made me and many other people that I know, delete it. It really sucks that you guys don't try to make the app easy and pleasing for people to use and you only care about the money. The best way to make money is to create a product/app that's appealing to people. It's so frustrating that you can't even skip a song, select a song, or even sometimes listen to your music without entering a bunch of credit card info or paying $10 per month to get the premium version. I create a playlist, specifically put MY CHOICE of songs on it, and what happens? It starts playing songs that I've never even heard, or "suggested" music and it won't let me skip, or go to any of the music that I want to listen to and I've tried everything to get rid of it but I'm not wasting my **bleep**ing money on premium until that problem gets fixed. It's so frustrating having to deal with all of this. I'm not even going to bother wasting my money or time with this app when almost all other music apps out there are better than this **bleep** of an app. Almost all of my friends have ditched Spotify because of how much it currently sucks. At least let people choose the songs they want to listen to, skip songs, etc. Without getting premium. **bleep**. I'm sure once you guys make the app good again you'll start making more money and get more people to use it.
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I can see your frustration with this but in my opinion Spotify is far from the worst music service out there. 


Free users won't get full control of the app, and will get adverts, have random songs and alot of other annoying stuff. it's their way of getting you used to the interface before you plough your hard earned cash into it.


I've come from an iPhone 6+ with a paid subscription to Apple music ( complete trash if you ask me) to Spotify on a samsung S8 which when paid for works exactly as it should.


Make you're own playlists, skip songs when you want, you can turn off auto play to stop the "suggested songs" too. And you don't get adverts. And the you can download songs to listen too offline.


  1. Not sure if the offer is still active but when i signed up I got the first 30 days for 99p. I mean if you don't like it, you've spent less than it costs for a bottle or coke. Not bad if you ask me. 

Hope this helps. 

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