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Fixing New Blocking Artists and Songs Feature

Fixing New Blocking Artists and Songs Feature

Currently the symbol for removing artists and songs you don't like on spotify playlists is right next to the next/skip button and is very easy to accidentally press. This new feature is great because users are able to block artists and bands who are and/or harbor abusers and rapists.  This feature permanently removes a song from all playlists created by spotify.  When you block a song by the artist, a link will pop up at the bottom of the screen to block everything by the artist in spotify playlists.  There has been no annoucements for this feature and there were no prompts before I accidentally pressed all of these things.  There is no way to moderate artists you block, any retrieval measures when you accidentally press something, or preventative measures where you can block artists before they show up on playlists. 



My suggestions are:


-moving the button that blocks songs/artists, making it harder to accidentally press


-create prompts before blocking any song or artist. these could also be optionally removed after figuring out what this is.


-an announcement from spotify explaining what this feature is


-a place to moderate what artists and songs you block. this place would also have the optiont to block artists before they even show up on the playlists.  preventative measures are essential, especially in the cases of bands and artists who have caused trauma, and seeing their content exacerbates that trauma.



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