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Follow an artist

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Hi! Welcome to the community! We need more info about your problem with following an artist. Please reply.

After I follow, he doesnt appear on my artist tab...  (web player)

You should save one of his/her songs before he/she will show up there. You can save songs by pressing the + button. Hope this helps ๐Ÿ™‚

I knew that already, and I know it works that way , however in the windows app, after i follow the artist it appears automatically in the artists tab/list without add any song from him /her. In the other hand this doesn't happen from web player, so I guess this is a Web player issue? 

I think the feature is not yet available for web player.

This explains it , thanks 

I tried my webplayer and I can see the artists I follow. You can try fixing it by clearing cache and cookies then rying it again.



If you go to the link provided while signed into the webplayer here: does any artists you follow show up?





I went ahead and escalated your issue with regards to the webplayer and followed artists not showing correctly, and having the video helps lots so thanks. Might be a bit of time, as this issue will probable have to be sent on to the webplayer team. So hang around for awhile, these issues take time to figure out the bugs causing them.

Glad to help

Hey @LadyHks

I hope you're good!

I just wanted to check if you're still experiencing this problem?


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