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Ford Sync 3


Ford Sync 3

Have Spotify stopped supporting Ford Sync 3, and , if so, is this permanent or will it be back soon?


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It's seems permanent. I don't think the sync platform is great to develop for. You could use Android Auto or CarPlay

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You connect to your car via bluetooth and you should see a Smart Device Link notification from the Spotify app. Also make sure mobile apps are enabled in SYNC by going to Apps then Find Mobile Apps.

Thanks for the reply, but I have been using Spotify on Sync 3 successfully for the last six months. It just stopped working last weekend and when I searched for a solution I found this


Hence my question, is it permanent or will it be back soon.


I can get it working by deleting my phone from the car and car from the phone and going though the pairing process. But once I leave the car The spotify app does not appear again,




You could just connect your phone using bluetooth and use the bluetooth controls.

Indeed I could, but I like the Spotify integration with my car and the point of my question was to find out if the change was permanent or temporary.

Marked as solution

It's seems permanent. I don't think the sync platform is great to develop for. You could use Android Auto or CarPlay

I Have the same problem since 2 Days. 
Why  i cant see Spotify in mobile apps?


Tbh it was working perfect in my focus.

Shane it is just discontinued all together instead if just leaving what was already working. 

Only way to get it working now is through android auto which means using a cable and Google maps as navigation, which consumes data 

I am also extremely disappointed to loose this support, it all worked so well and made it much easier to change music etc without having to look at your phone.


Having to faff around with taking phone out, plugging it in, etc is a pain compared to before where the phone stays in your pocket, connects automotically and Spotify works as a seperate on screen setup - like your radio/USb music would.

Rolled back to a previous version of Spotify which rectified this, but android auto refused to detect it. 


 Nothing worse then loosing such good quality features, for no good reason... 

Also stopped working for basic Ford Sync (basic not Sync 3).  The only reason I purchased Spotify was because of the integration with my Ford Sync system.  It really worked well.  It appears that Ford Sync still supports Pandora so it looks like I'll be cancelling Spotify and moving to Pandora.  Such a shame. 😞

Looks like I'll be canceling my Spotify subscritpion and going to Pandora. Such a shame, I was starting to like spotify. 

Hi i solved this. uninstall the last version of spotify and install the spotify-8-4-32-623.apk.

and spotify app now show again in Sync 3.

also you dont update spotify for now. 

Thansk for the suggestion i did this, but now Android Auto doesn't work? Have tried a few different things, but it looks like I have a choice between one or the other.


I just want to go back to the way things were. For short journies just leave the bluetooth connection & use Spotify on the screen, for longer journies plug my phone in and use Android Auto.


Really annoyed Spotify has actively removed a really good app and a really smart way of managing my phone through my car.

No, i have Both worked fine.

maybe you just uninstall Android auto and reinstall. 


can you try this?

If Spotify no longer appear in android auto you can get it back by first enabling android auto developer settings and then selecting unknown sources. There are plenty of Google guides which explain how to turn on developer settings.


Not sure how long this setup will continue working for, its a shame spotify chose this route, they could have simply left the integration until it broke. When it stops working I will simply cancel spotify unless they decide to rectify this!

Thanks very much for the suggestion, ill give it a go!

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