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Freezes after advertisement


Freezes after advertisement

Hi. My Spotify always freezes after an advertisement finishes. It won't let me play any other songs. I have to exit and open Spotify again to fix this problem. It's the same advertisement everytime (Squarespace). Other than that, it works great! Any suggestions?

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I cannot listen to spotify anymore because of the freezing after every add. I've tried reinstalling and that doesn't work.

Im using window 10 on an acer laptop, but now I have to listen to spotify using the browser because that doesn't freeze, it only freezes for me when using the spotify program.


I have a sneaky suspition that its something to do with the way spotify uses memory. I think it needs to do a memory dump every 30 mins or so but doesn't. I'm going to try increasing virtual memory on windows 10 to see if that fixes the issue.


Im also going to delete the spotify cache, thats better than a reinstall, because a reinstall keeps all the old cache still. Deleting spotify cache is the only way to delete this stored music and add cached information



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I am having this same issue on Mac OS X El Capitan, which has been ongoing for a few weeks. I have cleared the cache as well as deleting and re-installing the app. Nothing seems to help. 

And I'm having the same issue on Ubuntu! So you get it with all the main OS available -____-'

Controlpanel frozin in win7pro -Lenovo ThinkPad T420
Album keep playing after commercial.


I've also been experiencing the same problem but with the mobile app on Kindle fire hdx it's driving me insane

It stopped doing that for me about a month ago. Idk what I did but here is what I suggest.:


-Log out, and log back in.

-Uninstall spotify, and reinstall it. (In order to do this, you need to make sure that spotify doesnt pop up in your 'downloads' folder on your pc or pop up in the start menu when you type it in.

-Another thing you could do, try disconnecting it from the internet and reconnecting it. Just do this by disconnecting all wifi from your pc.


I hope this helped! I know how annoying it is. I had this problem for a while.


Same problem (mac)! I'm tired to log out/close and reopen the app every time! this is extremely annoying! plus even when it doesn't stop playing songs, the information panel freezes anyway so it doesnt show the song is actually playing but the ad info. And it stays like that until i shut my computer.

Come on spotify people do something to solve this cause i refuse to upgrade because of poor functioning

Hi GCacciatore 

I think All these problems are a deliberate ploy to persuade people to upgrade.

im having the same problem too in 2017 lol

October 2017. I have been unable to download to my computer (it freezes right away) and webplayer freezes after ads. Might be going back to Pandora... 

Welcome 2018 and still problem exists 😞

Same thing happened to me on Friday! The webplayer is stuck on a advert. Been like this for 4 days now. Have deleted history, passwords etc, logged out and in several times and even tried other browers. Still stuck. The app on my android works fine. Think this is a Spotify Webplayer issue. Please fix Spotify, not cool!

Same for me.  Spotify web player freezes when trying to play an ad.  The only thing that seems to work to resolve it is to logout and then log back in.  Please fix.

Nobody at Spotify reads these or cares obviously.  And to reiterate.....YOU CAN'T REINSTALL IF YOU ARE USING THE WEB PLAYER.........So please come up with another suggestion

I reinstalled it and the problem still stands...

Feb 2018

I am a premium holder and shouldn't get adverts at all. However, I do and it has just frozen my playlist. What must I do? 

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