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Frequent glitches with Podcasts

Frequent glitches with Podcasts


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For quite some time now, I've been having intermittent issues with Spotify. Every couple of days (or weeks if I'm lucky) something seems to go wrong. The main recurring issue I have is that when I click on a podcast, there will be no episodes, just the phrase "There are no episodes available for this podcast. Please check later." This will happen to just about all of the podcasts I listen to at the same time. I also won't be able to open either Your Episodes or New Episodes, they both just show loading signs but never actually load. 


At the same time, a couple of other things also go wrong. These are usually that I won't be able to download albums (will click the download button and nothing happens) or save them to my library. I frequently also will be unable to open playlists that I don't already have downloaded. I've had other frustrating issues too, but these are the main ones. 


The main solution I've been trying has been clean reinstalls. These usually only fix it temporarily however, with no real pattern to how long it will be until it crashes again. (For example, it lasted three weeks with no issue, and then I had to clean reinstall twice in one day). Would love any advice on solutions to this!

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Hi.  Does this only happen on your phone - can you access the podcasts via the webplayer?

yeah, so far it's only been on my phone. Webplayer works perfectly

It sounds like it must be with your phone then.  I see you mentioned you've tried clean installs.  Have you plenty of free storage on your phone?


Is there anybody you know using Spotify on their phones you can ask to see if they have any problems?


Let's try a clean install agian:-


Please do the following in the exact order:-
make sure you're connected to a wifi network
log out of Spotify
uninstall Spotify
clean your phone's cache (if you can)
remove the SD card (if you have one)
turn off your phone
turn on your phone
reinstall Spotify
Log in to Spotify
open Spotify and download at least one album or playlist
reinsert the SD card (if you have one)


also some more help here.





Let us know how you get on 🙂 

I've definitely got enough storage free that that shouldn't be an issue, and no one else I know who has had the same problem! Checked online as well and haven't seen anyone else with the same issue so all round very strange!

Next time it happens I'll clean reinstall again- the only thing on that list I don't do is remove the SD card so I'll give that a shot and see if it changes anything. Clean reinstalls usually fix it temporarily, so hopefully next time it's permanent!


You mention the SD card... hmmm... I used to have one in my Android but in the end I ditched it because I found it caused problems... try using Spotify for a while without the SD card installed if you can... I have feeling this might fix it! 🙂 

ah damn! That will be so frustrating if that's the issue! Will give it a shot the next time it all crashes!


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