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G-Eazy Fan

G-Eazy Fan

Can you please add more new singles from G-Eazy like "oh well"
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Hey @a_ordaz! Welcome to the community ^^


Read this. This should answer your questions. 

I think the new singles are coming to spotify soon.



It did. Thank you so much.

Ya you should also add coming home by G-Eazy

Hi everyone, 


I am creating a ton of This Is Every Song playlists for a bunch of artists similar to G-Eazy, Skizzy Mars, Logic, BlackBear, Phoebe Ryan, and more! I would love to get feedback on them if I am missing any songs. Also, I would love suggestions for new artists to do! Any help or support through following would be great! I am trying to build these every song playlists to help people discover new/unheard of tracks from their favorite artists. 


Thank you, Spotify Community! 🙂

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