Galaxy Watch / Music plays out of nowhere

Galaxy Watch / Music plays out of nowhere


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Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm

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After handling calls or issuing voice commands, Spotify Android application starts resuming playback from where it was paused last. Closing the app does not help. This is highly disturbing for office buildings, where music just goes off at once, making the app unusable.


I understand that similar issues with the watch have been posted, and always, the answer is "you should watch for updates of the app".  The app has not been updated since December 2017 and is barely usable (Remote does not work anymore, randomly starts playing music among other no-goes).


Could someone from Spotify please provide a clear timeline on when these things will be addressed, as in a date, or at least a month, so that people who are subscribing premium because of this app can know whether it's actually worth it?


You can see other similar issues (and complaints like the above) here:



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