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Gaming Console Volume Too High

Gaming Console Volume Too High

I love having Spotify on my PS4 and listening to music while playing multiplayer or games with bad soundtracks but even the lowest volume level is too high. On the lowest volume you are unable to hear any dialog in the game, sound effects are drowned out, and it's hard to hear other players in chat. Please adjust the volume levels so that playing music while gaming is doable and enjoyable.

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this. who's idea was to make the lowest volume on Console the same as half way on PC... can't they just make it the same levels on Console as PC and leave it, i don't know how they got it this bad... and still not change it after so many years of people asking. happens on both ps4 and xbox.

Hey @Katsudon96 and @MatthewFresquez,


Thanks for reaching out to us about this.


I just did some searching in the Community and found this idea which might be relevant to your suggestion. If not, then you can always create a new idea here.


Hope that helps 🙂

I had the same issue for the longest time and then found the answer here. On the Spotify for iOS app, you can choose which of your connected devices you want to play music through, but still control everything from your phone. Sure enough, the volume was dialed all the way UP. I just turned it down via my phone & *boom* problem solved.


The sad part is I already knew all of this and use the app all the time when listening on PC.  I guess my brain just quits working when I play on a console.

Doesn’t fix it. Volume scale on phone is the same as the quick menu on the ps4

If you connect your phone to Spotify while it's playing on the Xbox and you're on the same network you'll be able to turn the volume down more using your phone.

That is not correct. Stop posting incorrect solutions to this problem and wasting everyone’s time. It is a software deficiency that Spotify and the gaming consoles need to fix. ASAP. 

I think I failed to mention my console is a Xbox One. Sorry about that. The solution mentioned works. For whatever reason the Spotify app controls on iOS do not sync with the volume on the console app. Changing the volume via the iPhone changes the actual volume heard from the Xbox but the volume slider on the Xbox app does not necessarily move as well.

Confusing? Yeah, for sure.

I cannot comment on whether or not it works the same way on PS4. 

The sound is linked. When you raise on the PS4 you can see the scale increase on the iPhone. When you decrease it on the phone the PS4 slider doesn’t move until you try to adjust volume it realizes it was different than the phone.


You almost had me. I thought for a second you may be on go something but it didn’t work. It’s a software issue. They need to invest a small amount of time into it and make gaming far more enjoyable...

I did it and it works.
so maybe the problem is your side?

I am using Xbox App and an Android phone - I turn it to the minimum on my
xbox and then turn down further with my phone - its works a charm.

I found a way around it. If u set the volume to 5% on console than go to the mobile app. You can adjust the volume there using the volume buttons on your phone and make it even quieter than 5% settings on console. I found that helpful in my case playing FPS games competitively while trying to listen to music.

Still having this issue on ps4 today. Volume is all the way down on the Spotify app on the ps4, AND all the way down on my connected I phone app. It is only one volume control, adjusting on the ps4 causes the iPhone volume slider to move as well. At the lowest volume, my headset sounds like about 50% Spotify, 50% game volume. I can’t listen to Spotify while playing FPS games as I need to hear subtle noises and the music is way too loud.

it didn't help. there's a ton of posts and replies about this very issue. it's 2020 it's been a couple years. where's the fix???

not just him, it's happening to many others even me. I play a lot of BR games and can't hear sounds that are vital to gameplay while music is playing. I have people sneaking up on me when I have the music on and don't with it off. but I concentrate better with music on just suck I can't use the in game sounds to better my gameplay. 

I'm not sure if this will help either of you but I was having the same issues. I then found that because I have my Xbox One and Kinect set up to control my audio on my TV it wasn't allowing me to change the volume with my phone. So I turned off that setting turned the volume down on my phone to the lowest and turned the setting back on. I can now play games and hear everything. I'm not sure if the PS4 has a similar setting or not but I figured it might help.

I understand your frustration with the volume levels while using Spotify on your PS4. It can be challenging when the lowest volume setting is still too high, making it difficult to hear in-game dialog, sound effects, and other players in chat.

To address this issue, there are a few potential solutions you can try:

  1. Adjust audio settings within the game: Check if the game you're playing has separate volume controls for music, sound effects, and dialog. You may be able to lower the music volume specifically, allowing you to hear the other game elements more clearly while still enjoying your music.

  2. Explore Spotify's audio settings: Spotify provides a variety of audio settings that can be customized to suit your preferences. You can try adjusting the equalizer settings within the Spotify app on your PS4 to reduce the overall volume output or make specific frequency ranges quieter.

  3. Utilize an external audio mixer: Consider connecting an external audio mixer to your setup. With an audio mixer, you can independently control the volume levels of different audio sources, such as your game console and Spotify. This way, you can find a comfortable balance between game audio and your music.

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