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Gapless Playback via Bose

Gapless Playback via Bose

How do you enable gapless playback looping a track when streaming via an external speaker, in my case the Bose Noise Machine?


i am able to activate it on my handset (iPhone X) but when I connect to the speaker Spotify says the Playback settings are not accessible?



premium member 

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Hey @Johannaraissis.


Thanks for getting in touch!


Some playback features like Gapless Playback and Crossfade are not available when streaming via Connect. This to keep Spotify Connect as standard as possible and make sure that it's compatible with all the devices it is compatible with.


Sorry for the inconvenience! Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day!

Thank you for the reply.

So we cannot have smooth playback between songs when using connect/external
speakers only our handset? Spotify is great but the speakers on our phones
are not great and so it’s fantastic being able to play the selection
through an external speaker.

I’m actually needing to play a white noise for me and my baby and the loop
options sound terrible on the speaker as they pause between each change
over. Spotify should really allow this feature to be activated on other
devices as it’s not changing the sound just merging tracks.

Hopefully they will allow in the future.

Thank you

Hey @Johannaraissis.


There is an active idea about implementing Gapless Playback when streaming over Connect. You can find it here. be sure to vote for it 🙂


Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day!

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