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Gear S3 - Shuffle/Save/Repeat Not available offline

Gear S3 - Shuffle/Save/Repeat Not available offline

The new offline mode is almost perfect and I'm wondering why shuffle and repeat are not available offline. This exclusion makes no sense to me, if the songs are downloaded then why should shuffling or repeating them be an issue. Please fix this soon or at least let us know of when this change might be implemented.


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No reply?

I'm also having this problem. Sometimes I can't even skip to the next song. Pressing skip will stop the current song... quite annoying

Also having this issue. Seems daft to me that it wasn't implemented, it's a pretty awful user experience. 


Another thing I've noticed, if you select a song to play once the song finishes it'll always skip back to the 2nd song in the playlist. Pretty aggravating experience having to fiddle with your watch while on a run...

Same problem on my iPhone. Why does Spotify want to play songs from the library, when the  song is not downloaded? I think that's why the shuffle function stops. Pretty annoying!

Same problem, no fix?

Maybe the problem is not annoying enough....

Me too, Gear Fit 2 Pro.  Nice big Shuffle button, and it doesn't work.  I think maybe it picks one song at random, and then from there it plays sequentially.

Too bad, the shuffle function is really important. At least on your device it plays on. On the iPhone the player just stops because it wants to play a song which is not downloaded. But still no fix......



Same issue here.

Also, seems that Spotify app has less "priority" in front of native player app, therefore controlling music from bt headset fails at one point.

Come one Spotify, do something. Quick.

New Iphone and IOS, but still the same issue....This is not "workes as designed" but a faulty app. It cann't be that difficult? The shuffle function should only play downloaded music when you have selected offline. When is Spotify going to fix this?....Happy Newyear!... 

I'm using a Gear S3 for long runs and the inability to shuffle a Playlist basically makes the Spotify app useless. There is no good reason NOT to have this functionality and even less of a reason to BLOCK existing functionality while offline!


Please fix soon, this should take a good dev about an hour to update.

Same problem as well!!! And I must say, this is very irritating....30minutes running and then repeating the same song everytime....grrrrrr...
And I buyed the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier because then I could use offline mode of Spotify to listen to my favorite music when sporting. I am a very happy user of Spotify with all my Apple equipment (iPhone, iPad and MacBook). 
Hope to get an updated version of Spotify very soon for the Samsung Gear that I can play. Now the Samsung Gear S3 is like garbage for me.

Tip: Also it would be good to increase and decrease the volume on an easier way.




Does the shuffle work off line on your Iphone? It doesn't work correct on my Iphones (5&6). I think because shuffle in combination with offline mode doesn't work, somehow spotify wants to shuffle through songs which are not downloaded. I would say this should be fixed, but no response frome Spotify.

Agreed - overall a great program but the shuffle and repeat features are so Important for offline play. Such a shame this simple feature isn't available!!


Spotify, when will this feature be enabled?!

Please fix this Spotify. The app is currently useless for running or exercise, which is the your entire market for the wearable offline mode.


If there's shuffle then there's no point in having offline mode.

I think the problem is clear ( on IOS & Android). Why does Spotiy  not answer/ react?


Maybe we should shoot this in as an Idea? I saw similar ideas, but not exactly the same issue.


is this the reason Spotify doesn’t pick up our signals

I just wrote an email to them to attract their attention to the issue.

I hope they will do something.

Great,let’s hope so! It is a bug, so they should fix it!


Have been a Deezer user for quite some time - free premium account from my carrier - and subscribed to Spotify just to have offline playlists on my Gear S2.

Why the **bleep** is shuffle and repeat disabled?

Also there's a bug when you add songs to a playlist. These newer tunes won't play for any of reason.

Another thing: my Jaybird X3 can only skip songs. Play and pause do not work.

What a terrible app.

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