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Gear S3 - Shuffle/Save/Repeat Not available offline

Gear S3 - Shuffle/Save/Repeat Not available offline

The new offline mode is almost perfect and I'm wondering why shuffle and repeat are not available offline. This exclusion makes no sense to me, if the songs are downloaded then why should shuffling or repeating them be an issue. Please fix this soon or at least let us know of when this change might be implemented.


29 Replies

Hi Aka 7,


Did you receive a reply from Spotify?




I just added a new idea, allthough this is a bug.....


Maybe you all can vote for the idea? 


-[Mobile] Shuffle only all downloaded songs in Offline Mode

My chat with Spotify:

Info: I've bought the Samsung Gear Sport so i can listen to Spotify offline... but when offline the Shuffle function is not functioning. So the app is useless on this wearable!

Eduardo F: 

Hi there!

Dimitri V: hello
Eduardo F: 

I'm sorry to hear that you're having problems when listening offline. 

Eduardo F: 

No worries, let me check this one for you. 

Dimitri V: This issue is coming back on all forums with samsung wearables
Eduardo F: 

Samsung Gear Sport isn't fully compatible with Spotify yet. But, you can use it. It's just that all of the features may not be available yet.

Dimitri V: and will this feature be available in the future?
Dimitri V: I'm not alone...
Eduardo F: 

I can't answer that question yet. However, I'll make sure that the right team will know about this. 

Eduardo F: 

Yes, I know. 

Dimitri V: ok thx...
Eduardo F: 

If a request became popular, we normally add it on our features.

Dimitri V: one drop in the ocean...
Eduardo F: 

I understand. 

Dimitri V: Bye, another thx
Eduardo F: 

You're most welcome 🙂 

Dimitri V: sleeping time in belgium
Eduardo F: 

Would there be anything else?

Eduardo F: 

Oh, I see. 

Dimitri V: 🙂
Eduardo F: 

Here in Manila it's 4:31 am. 

Eduardo F: 

So goodnight, goodmorning 🙂 

Dimitri V: For me a sleeping song, for you a wake up song
Dimitri V: bye bye
Eduardo F: 

If that covers everything, I want to thank you for getting in touch with us, feel free to get back to us if you need anything else. 

Just to reply on a previous post about newest songs not available / downloaded on the watch:

When you want to sync, go in your playlist on your gear, then go to the bottom of the playlist so that all the songs get to be displayed. I think it helps for the newest songs to be downloaded on the watch (this is empirical info...)



have there been any updates?


There was an update for Gear Fit 2 Pro last month, but it looks to only improve the fitness tracking apps.  Gear S3 reportedly got an update to improve battery life.  The Spotify app's development appears to have been abandoned immediately after its release.

Soy they aren't even trying to solve the problem?

Doesn't seem like Samsung is investing much developer time in these devices, unfortunately. At this point, I feel lucky if my Gear Fit 2 Pro even plays Spotify offline at all... works about 75% of the time.

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