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Gear Sport 2: Spotify conflicts with Samsung Music Player (crazy results)

Gear Sport 2: Spotify conflicts with Samsung Music Player (crazy results)

The end result of this post is, "Is there a way to disable or uninstall the Gear Sport 2 default Samsung music player?"


I have the latest Gear Sport 2 OS installed, as well as the Spotify app.  Please be aware this issue would probably only be detected for walkers/runners.


When I start a run with wireless headphones, using the Samsung Health app, I start playing music offline via SPOTIFY.  When I hit the 1 mile mark, Samsung Health stops playing music and chimes and and speaks my 1 miles statistics.  When the music resumes, it does not play SPOTIFY, but instead is playing music from the Samsung Music app.


When I hit mile 2, the process reverses; once the 2 mile statistics are done being spoken, Spotify begins to play once more.  Rinse and repeat each mile.


This only happens when Spotify music is interrupted; it doesn't occur is I'm at the gym and play Spotify with no spoken interruptions; with no interruptions, Spotify will play nicely over a long duration.


Another symption of issues between the two music players not playing nice, when listening to Spotify, I am unable to pause music via the wireless/bluetooth headphones.  I'm convinced this is because the pause command is seen by the Samsung music player rather than Spotify.


I'm convinced that the Samsung music player is too integrated with Samsung Health and they are not working well with Spotify.  Or the watch just doesn't work well with two music players.  I just don't know if the core issue lies with Samsung Health, the watch in general, or the Samsung music player.


Any other ideas?  Thanks!!


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