Getting Spotify songs on other devices

Getting Spotify songs on other devices

Ok so here's my question. I know this is NOT really a "windows" question.

I know thanks to the "general questions" section that Spotify really only supports IOS devices. I have an I-pod Nano and the section says it doesn't support that device. ok. Soooooooooo, what I want to know is this, is there NO WAY that I can get my spotify songs (songs that I have added to my personal collection) onto my I-pod nano? because when I first installed this program there was the ability to do that.


thanks for the help.

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Hey there, unfortunately no the iPod Nano is not supported. 


The desktop app formerly had the function to sync your own personal MP3s onto iPods (as an alternative to using iTunes to sync music) though you have never been able to sync music from Spotify's service onto any iPods bar the Spotify app on the iPod Touch.

So can I sync my spotify music with I-tunes? Cause maybe from I-tunes I can transfer it to I-pod. If I can how I sync with I-tunes?



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