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Google Ads in Spotify Premimum ?!

Google Ads in Spotify Premimum ?!

Cen someone explain google ads in spotify to me? (like in attachment)


I have premimum account.

I use Mac and spotify for mac, but i never before see such an ugly ads...

Is it some kind of new feature. Yon can listen to music and buy lawn mower for a half price. Or some kind of joke (we got April Fools' Day in Poland today)?

Maybe I have a virus? I don't know what to with it...


Ads only appers in "Przeglądaj" - i think it's "Browse" in english. 

Zrzut ekranu 2015-04-01 o 08.13.09.png
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Ok. I resolved this problem!
It's not a Spotify feature (of course:P) I had a malware or adware called searchme. I deleted it from my Safari i Chrome extensions and use AdwareMedic to delete it from my mac all together. If someone will have similar problem just google "searchme mac" and You will find all You need (is love).



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