[Google Assistant] "Play album by" doesn't play the album in some cases

[Google Assistant] "Play album by" doesn't play the album in some cases


So earlier, I was trying to play the album "Terraformer" by Thank You Scientist using Google Assistant. The standard syntax for this would be "Play the album Terraformer by Thank You Scientist". If I do that, it simply says "OK, playing Thank You Scientist on Spotify" and plays random music by the artist. 


I then tried some different wording and said "Play Thank You Scientist's album Terraformer". This led the assistant to say "OK, playing the album Terraformer on Spotify". However, the "album" picked was actually the single and not the album.  Spotify appears to be aware of the concept of singles and albums as if you go to the Thank You Scientist page, the version of Terraformer it played was listed in the singles section and not the album section (they released a single under the same name as the album...). I don't know if Google passes the information to Spotify that the user was looking for an album, but it seems to me that if it does, Spotify should prioritise selecting something it knows is an album rather than a single if an album exists.

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