Google Cast / Spotify Connect

Google Cast / Spotify Connect

I have been using a Chromecast Audio to deliver Spotify to a receiver for months, it consistently showed in Spotify as a “Spotify Connect” device and worked flawlessly.

Starting a few days ago things went a bit haywire, spotify controls would stop working but music would keep streaming. While troubleshooting i realized that in the Google Home app i could regain control, pause and stop playback.

Looking around a bit more and i noticed another difference, no longer does my Chromecast show as a “Spotify Connect” device rather it now shows as a “Google Cast” device in Spotify.

I have reset the chromecast to factory and reconfigured but the result is the same.


Anyone have any ideas?  Please dont tell me I have been halucinating this whole time, I sweat the Chromecast Audio used to show as  a "Spotify Connect" device!!!

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For Cast devices there should be a Cast icon and not a Spotify Connect icon.



Same problem here, only it happened after one day of using my new CCA.  Worked perfectly yesterday with the "Spotify Connect" label.  Today Chrome seems to have reconfigured for Google Cast, and added a cast button to the tool bar on all tabs.  Now, Spotify will play two or three songs in the correct sequence, then decides to play whatever it wants. 

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