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Google Home Defaults to Censored Tracks

Google Home Defaults to Censored Tracks

I have both Alexa and Google Home tied to my Spotify Premium account. Alexa defaults to the original explicit tracks while Google Home defaults to the censored version. How can I make Google Home default to the original explict version of songs?


Here is a thread of a similar problem on the google forums with an expert reply saying its a possible spotify issue.!topic/googlehome/L8aDc2yjKuM

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Hi @rezadu im really sorry to hear you are troubleshooting whit spotify.


Currently spotify doesn't have any setting for when to use the censored verison of an explicit song atleast not in any of my experiences whit both the apps on phones or apps on desktops, my first suggestion is to look trough the settings and such on the google home to see if it has any tab that brings up censoring, talk google them self though i think the problem is with their device, i also has alexa at home and i have never got any problems whit it and spotify. I can't see at all how it would be an error whit the sporify app in google home.


Glad to be in your service, greetings Viktor



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