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Google Home Mini Not playing songs on Spotify

Google Home Mini Not playing songs on Spotify


I have just recently bought a Google Home mini and was annoyed and frustrated to find out that Spotify won't play on it, I have tried multiple thing like: Re-linking my account and rebooting my device, there is also no spotify update. When I ask the Google Home mini to play a song on spotify it does nothing and then says: "Sorry something went wrong, when you are ready please try again" 

I know other people have had solutions but after trying them all none worked. 







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Yeah. It's the exact same for me. Spotify Support just posts useless "solutions", which all I tried, but none worked. I really like my Google Home Mini, but when Spotify just doesn't work, I will switch over to Google Play Music, because it works fine.

I am right now using Youtube Music, but people should not have to switch platform just because of Spotify's inability to function with other accessories. I have also tried connecting my phone to the google home mini via Spotify but it just loaded forever. 

Hey Danny, I managed to solve my Home Mini problem by resetting my entire home wifi network. It seems that error was caused by some error in one of my wifi repeaters. I now took it offline and it just works like it should. You can also test it with your phone's wifi hotspot before resetting everything. I hope I could help a bit!

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