Google Home Mini Not recognizing i am premium

Google Home Mini Not recognizing i am premium


i got a google home mini for christmas and upgraded to spotify premium so i could listen to my playlists, however it thinks i am still using the free version and not playing my playlist and just playing radio stations based on my playlist, both my desktop and phone know i am premium but my home doesnt? thanks for your time:)

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I am having a similar error. My account shows as premium but my parent's won't even though we all have premium. 

yes i am having the same trouble as well, can't get a clear answer anywhere...


This is also happening to me


Also happening to me. None of the solutions offered currently (unlink/relink, reset, log out/in), have worked. I have a Spotify premium account and Google Home Mini. My G Home app refuses to recognize my premium service, instead linking to "Spotify free active". Help!


Yes, me too! I can't play specific songs or albums on my Google home, and it shows linked as "Spotify free active." I have had Premium for over a year!

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