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Google Home Plays “FilthyFrank” instead of “Joji”

Google Home Plays “FilthyFrank” instead of “Joji”

Okay, so this is a very specific problem I am having with playing music through my Google Home Mini which is connected to my Spotify Premium. Whenever I ask Google Home to play the artist Joji or specific songs by Joji (Ex: “Play Demons by Joji”) it will default to playing the artist Filthy Frank which technically is both correct and wrong because Joji, Filthy Frank, and Pink Guy are all the same person just different artist personas. 


As you can see this present quite a quandary. I wasn’t sure whether to contact Google or Spotify so I am asking here now.  From my understanding Google Home is able to play an artist if you spoke his real name vs stage name. Is it possible it mixes up the very stylistically and genre-different personas of George Miller aka Joji aka all that etc.??


I’m not sure if this is even an issue for others except me. In this condition I can connect my smartphone (iPhone 6S+ running latest version of Spotify) to the Google Home Mini and play Joji all I want, but not by vocal command.


Any idea how this can be solved? Any insight would be great. This is really specific, odd, and mildly frustrating because I love playing Joji, but don’t wanna listen to the other guy singing “Shut the F*ck Up” among other profanities, different mood lol. Thank you!



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I'm also having this issue. While not causing any real problems, it gets a bit tedious trying to get my Google Home to play the correct artist after multiple variations. Even specifying "George Miller", it will say it's playing Joji, but then plays Pink Guy. 

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