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Google Home + Spotify Premium + Cast w/ nVidia Shield

Google Home + Spotify Premium + Cast w/ nVidia Shield

I have a Google Home, Spotify Premium account, and an nVidia Shield. For those unware, the nVidia Shield is a set top box that has a built in chrome cast. 


What I want to do is cast Spotify using Google Home on the Shield. 

When I attempt this I get hit with the following message from Google Home.


"Okay music from spotify playing in <my room>, Sorry something went wrong, when you are ready, give it another try."


Other apps such as YouTube and Google Play Music works so I'm trying to figure out why I am getting this error. 

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I am having the same issue. I have just discovered that you cannot "connect" or "cast" Spotify to the Nvidia Shield TV. It simply doesn't have the Shield TV listed in the "devices available" like it does Chromecast or Chromecast Audio.



I'm not sure if that is true.


I can use Spotify Connect to listen to music on my Shield from both my phone and my desktop spotify application. So spotify connect is definitly supported. What is not supported is casting spotify from Google Home. I can cast YouTube or Playmusic from Google Home, but not spotify. 


So.....what needs to happen is that Google Home or Spotify needs to update so we can Cast or Connect from our Google home. 

same issue here, Google home can't cast to Spotify on the shield. My smartphone can. 



Is this a spotify or GH issue?

I have no idea if it's a spotify or GH issue but as a consumer....I just need it working. 

I stand corrected, I realized now that you have to install the app on the NTV before you can "connect" to it from your phone

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