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Google Home only plays recently added songs

Google Home only plays recently added songs

I've had a spotify account for quite a while now and have been collecting songs under "your music" for quite a while - I don't know how many songs, but it's a significant amount.  I recently got a Google Home Mini, and when I ask it to play music, regardless of what command I give it "shuffle spotify", "play my music", "play saved songs", etc., it will only ever play anything off the thee most recently added albums over and over again.

I can temporarily fix it by going onto my phone, picking something else, then going back to 'songs' and shuffling again, but it eventually winds up back on those three albums again even if I don't change anything.


Kind of defeats the purpose of collecting and shuffling a bunch of music if it only doesn't actually play any of the stuff you've collected.

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I have this problem too. In fact, I was playing with it over the weekendtrying to figure it out and I found  that if I start shuffle play on my phone, it works correctly and shuffles all songs. As soon as I start casting to my Google Home, the playliist on my phone changes to just playing alphabetically through my songs from the current one I'm on. If I then issue the 'shuffle' command, it turns to a shuffle selection of the songs from near the one currently playing, but not all of them.


It seems that shuffle on Google Home only ever picks a selection of songs, and even replaces your current playlist when you connect to it. This is VERY annoying. 


I am also having this problem. I tell my Google Home to play shuffle but it only plays my last added songs. I am hating it, I want to listen to all my musics and it won’t let me. I wish someone could help me with that.

I'm having the same issue. Please fix it!!! I don't wanna have to switch back to Pandora!!!

Has anyone found a solution to this problem? I’m thinking of deleting the older songs I added and adding them so they shuffle the old and new music I’ve always loved to hear shuffled. 

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