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Google Home: plays a random song when you request 'Blow me (one last kiss) by Pink

Google Home: plays a random song when you request 'Blow me (one last kiss) by Pink

I have two Google Homes connected to my Spotify account, which works great!


However, I have one very silly issue with the song 'Blow me (one last kiss)' by Pink.

When I say 'OK Google, play Blow me by Pink' or just 'OK Google, play Blow me', Google answers with:

'Sure, Blow Me by Pink, here it is on Spotify'.

But I don't get that song, I get a completely different, completely random song each time I ask it or repeat the request...

Google does know which song I mean, because if I only say the title, it replies with the artist as well. But for some reason, it won't play it.

When I manually search for and select the song on my phone, it plays fine of course.


Does anyone else have this? Can someone with a Google Home try this?

2 Replies

Hey @vrow, help's here.


Does the same random song play, or is it different? We'd like to have a closer look, so please send us the URI of the track you want to play, and the track being played instead.



Before doing that, please go through these steps:

  • Log out and back in.
  • Restart your device.
  • Unplug Google Home and restart it.
  • Reinstall the app
  • Unlink Spotify account from Google and relink it.
  • If possible, try with a friend's account and see if the same thing happens.
  • Make sure that the firmware on your Google Home devices are up-to-date. For further help with this, we suggest that you contact the manufacturer. 

Let us know how it goes 🙂

This happens every time i request a song on my google home. It also randomly turns off partway into songs. Very frustrating. When I try to do it directly through the app (connected to "my bedroom") it has similar problems and ill sometimes just glitchily scroll through totally random songs in no way related to the one I requested and not songs saved anywhere in my spotify account. Same issue on both my google homes. I've tried restarting them and uninstalling the app.

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