Google Home speakers frequently missing

Google Home speakers frequently missing



Premium for family (same issue with regular Premium)


United Kingdom


iPhone SE

Operating System

iOS 12.3.1


My Question or Issue

I'm frequently finding that when I go into the "Devices" menu in the Spotify app my Google Home speakers are frequently missing. This appears to happen at random and I cannot find any pattern to this behaviour.


Other apps on the same phone (such as BBC iPlayer Radio) are still able to see the Google Home speakers even when Spotify cannot. Killing the Spotify app and reopening it sometimes temporarily resolves the problem - but not always - and it always comes back later.


Here is a link to a video demonstrating this happening (Google Drive)


This problem also occurs on another iPhone and an iPad. I've tried different routers (in case that was causing the problem) and various router settings but not been able to figure out why it sometimes finds my Google Home speakers fine and other times they are missing. The fact that other apps can see the speakers makes me think that it is an issue with the Spotify app, but I'm not sure.


I'm running the latest version of the Spotify iOS app: 8.5.14.


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