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Google Home won't play Spotify music

Google Home won't play Spotify music

I just got a google home for Christmas and went to test it out. At first, it worked great and would play music from Spotify just fine. But after a few minutes, I would tell it to play something on Spotify and it would respond with "Playing [insert name] on Spotify" and the song would not play. I checked my phone and the Google home is listed as a usable device but it always says "connecting" and never actually connects to the device.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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I'm having a similar problem. My Google home app won't let me get to the page after you log in and click okay

I am also having this issue. I have reset the Google Home and reconnected my Spotify account with the same issue reoccurring after a couple of minutes. Google Play music works as far as I can tell, but I hope they fix this issure so I can use Spotify.

Yes that is the same with me if I get a solution I will let you know. Can u
do the same?

Of course

Same issue with me, please let me know if you find a fix for this. Just says connecting and then doesn't work.

Have you tried making Spotify your default provider? Open the Google Home app, select music, and switch your default provider from Google Play to Spotify. Worked for me.

Yup Spotify is default provider but although it was working fine last week it stopped working yesterday.  Google says "playing ...on Spotify "  but no sound comes out.  I can use google as a Bluetooth speaker and then it works but can't use hey google to get it playing. 

That's the same problem I have.  I signed up for Spotify premium but when I click ok it brings me to a blank website and the address is  


That happened to me when I reset the Google home. You need to sign out of your Spotify account when selecting it as a music service (towards the bottom it says "not you") and then re-sign in. This should fix some bug that gets it stuck on a blank screen.

Ok I will do that can u do the same?

What is that supposed to mean

I can't it won't let me

Exactly the same thing but I don't have premium.

Uninstall SPotify on your phone and restart both devices.  Reinstall Spotify and try again...

Thank you

I have the same issue on both my Android TV and my Chromecast. Very annoying.

Try unlinking the Spotify account and re link it back that should work 

Tried that but it won't let me unlink!


Same problem.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled spotify on my android.  I have tried restarting google home.  It used to work until this week. I have spotify premium which plays fine on my phone, but not on the google home speaker!

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