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Got7 not on spotify??

Got7 not on spotify??

Sooo I just found this group called got7 and I like their music so I went to spotify to get their album or something but they weren't there. I found this public playlist and it had got7 songs on it like they used to be in spotify. Why aren't they in spotify?
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Hello @jailenesayshi & welcome to the Community!

Keep in mind that Spotify is only the platform that provides the content to the users.

The artists are the ones who decide whether to keep their music on Spotify or not.


I looked for the playlist you mentioned and saw that the songs don't have their owner's profile.

Seems that the artist was indeed once in Spotify but removed their content.


Hope this helps to clarify! ♫

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Hello! A couple friends and I all have been waiting for Got7's songs to appear on Spotify. You guys have done such a great job of updating more K-pop songs recently, which is awesome! So thank you for that, but it seems that Spotify's missing all of the K-pop groups under the company of JYP. There are several songs by Miss A, which is another group under JYP, but alas no Got7. I see this post was made awhile ago so maybe we can get these songs now?


Also, a new group by JYP called Astro just realesed one of their songs so it would be nice to have that song too. Thanks!

Oh my goodness, this is so devastating. Also, I noticed TWICE, another JYP group had a profile but in the software version, no songs are listed. However, in the online version, they can be found via a Google search, but upon playing, crashes the open tab. I tried saving it to  'my music', thus migrating it to the software version and a blue banner appears at the top under the search bar with the text 'This song is not available. If you have the file on your computer you can import it.' . TWICE ooh ahh spotify devastating.PNG

ik omg why they not on spotify?? like rlly?!! x(

Astro isn't under JYP sis. Do you mean Day6?

It is not that they are not on Spotify, but rather that they just reigon lock their music. Meaning only people in Korea can listen to the music files. Although Spotify isn't available in Japan, if it ever is, they will definitely do this too. But I highly doubt Japanese companies would ever post their music to Spotify anyway, as they barely post it on YouTube. The Netherlands also reigon locks like 95% of their music; you have to be in the Netherlands or one of their islands to listen to the music files. Quite a few Hong Kong artists do this too. There are ways to get past it, but it is very technical, by using a VPN (tricks Spotify to thinking you are in Korea [or any other country] when you really aren't), and are typically not free (Free ones are not good and sometimes not safe).

IKR I just want to listen to got7 and twice on my phone cmon

how you do that tho? import itTOO CHUBBY.jpg



The availability of music on Spotify is up to the artists and their music label, so the reason is that the artist or their music label has likely decided not to make it available in Spotify.


Sometimes the music is only available in certain countries, while access is blocked to others.


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Thank you for saying. Awww... what a shame! considering moving to Japan/SK/HK/Taiwan one day for faster internet and also because I am sick of some of the garbage music coming out of US and so on NOWADAYS (not all is garbage just a lot of it in my opinion) Oh well, I am glad that at least Spotify has more K-pop, Japanese music, M-Pop etc. than they used to! 🙂 Let's hope JYP doesn't force us to use Youtube for their music any longer

Hey, although GOT7's music isn't available to US listeners (neither is BTS's newest album ugh), other artists' music is available! This includes Monsta X, Teen Top, B.A.P, B1A4, C-Clown, Nu'est... Although some of these groups haven't released music or broke up, their older stuff was releases, such as B1A4 and C-Clown. B.A.P's Japanese music was made available also.


Yeah I was so salty to notice that BTS' new album wasn't on Spotify and I was anticipating it for a long time along with TWICE's music but I guess I just have to pray they'll make it available to others although I doubt my wish will be granted...


ASTRO do release their songs on Spotify under their Korean name: 아스트로

Hope I helped 🙂

ASTRO is a group under Fantagio, and they do have songs on Spotify, you just have to search their name in korean.

Hey, uh I think ur mistaken. ASTRO is under Fantagio Entertainment, not JYP. I think ur talking about Day6?

Hi, I don't know if you already found them, but I had the same problem, also with other artist like Twice. I couldn't find them on the Spotify App but if you search "got7 Spotify" on google their profile will appear. So open their profile on the web site from your phone and then click on "play on Spotify", the app will open and the profile will appear.

There is really no issue of finding their profile, the problem is the fact we can't listen to their music. Some poeple say "use a VPN", however I tried VPNs on both my phone and computer but then realized since I have premium Spotify recognized my credit card is American and still blocked access. So triggered.

What was the name of the playlist?? They are one of my fav bands and I would really like to know.

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