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Got7 not on spotify??

Got7 not on spotify??

Sooo I just found this group called got7 and I like their music so I went to spotify to get their album or something but they weren't there. I found this public playlist and it had got7 songs on it like they used to be in spotify. Why aren't they in spotify?
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Sorry, but it didn´t work for me. Anyway, you and everybody else are welcome to listen to my playlist GOT7 on Spotify. I made a public Got7 playlist since my hobby is hunting Got7-songs on Spotify (lol). If they get erased I got (lol) Jackson Wang, BTS, iKON, Block B and many other talented Kpop boybands on the list. So enjoy it PandaQ and all IGOT7 + everybody else with great taste! ❤️  Best regards, TsaritsanK

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But is there a way to reach into them so that songs can be uploaded here?

I agree with her, I've been trying to get a hold of Got7's music, but I can only get a hold of Victim of Love and Never Ever. None of their other albums are on there and I wonder why because of other k-pop boy bands such as EXO, BTS, SF9, WANNA ONE, SEVENTEEN, Block B, and etc. I would like that to be looked over Please.

Astro isn't under jyp. Their under Fantagio.

  1. Yoooo Good News! Got7 are now on Spotify! Not all of their albums though( Just Right and Got It are missing)

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