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Grayed out local files and more

Grayed out local files and more






(PC, Samsung Galaxy Core Prime)

Operating System

(Windows 10, Andriod)


My Question or Issue

 I have many local files that I listen to through Spotify. I've imported them through Windows Media Player and most of them function perfectly. The issue is that some song are grayed out and wont play automaticly without me clicking or tapping on my phone. This means that they can be played but not when im playing many in a row on a playlist. Sometimes the song wont even play at all if they are grayed out! There is also one song where the album art wont show on my phone but it workes fine on PC.

3 Replies

Hey @OscarLilja, help's here.


For the greyed out files that can't be played automatically, can you rename them in your folder to something that doesn't contain any special characters? Only letters if possible. Try it out and see if that helps. 


If not, add the songs to another, smaller folder, and use that folder as a source in your app's settings. Try playing from that and see if it helps. 


Lastly, make sure to check out this help article to make sure that your files fulfill the most common criteria, and for further help.


Keep us posted 🙂


Sorry, but linking local files to artists and albums doesn't work anymore. I recently disabled Local Files for a moment and re-enabled them and all of my local files that previously were linked to artists and albums are not linked anymore. I even deleted "local-files.bnk" file but no success.

Hey @woody-hxc,


It seems that what you're experiencing is already described here. If it is, be sure to add a +VOTE and leave a comment with the requested details and we'll be able to have a closer look. 


All the best!


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