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Guest Mode for Spotify on SONOS

Guest Mode for Spotify on SONOS


I use Spotify premium mainly for my sonos system, but as well on my Phone while I am jogging. When I have guests listening to music in my place (most oft them even have their own accounts) it is just difficult to permanently switch accounts when the ywant to continue listening to spotify music on Sonos while I am going out for jogging and also want to listen to music.
I know there is a workaround, but this is no solution. Isn't it possible to allow one Sonos System to play simultaniously to my other devices? Because in that case it just makes sense. I also though about a family account, but for having guests from time to time (which are anyway not allowed to use a family account) it is expensive to pay 5€ more each month. Also I already paid 10€ instead of 5€ when I signed up to have the premium function to use Spotify with Sonos. So it would become even 5€ more each month. 
Any idea here?



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