HOWTO: Get list of favourite artists on squeezebox


HOWTO: Get list of favourite artists on squeezebox

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Threre are of course a lot of things that doesn't work conveniently with the spotify app on squeezebox. However, I figured out a way to get a list of favourite artists into the squeezebox touch (perhaps this is common knowledge).This Howto assumes that you're and not you own server-


1. Find the artist you want to add and right click the artist name and select "copy HTTP link"

2. Log into in your browser and go to Favourites

3. Paste the URL and write the name of the artist and click add.

4. Repeat this for all artists you want to add. The list can be sorted by dragging the entries



Now you'll have a list that will be easy accesible from the squeezebox homescreen->Favourites. When you click an Artist name you will go to the artists page where you can choose Albums or tracks. The only drawback is that you will have tons of albums to choose from. Most being duplicates and you have to find the one that are availabile in your region. But you will have this problem also if you search for an artist. This really needs to be fixed


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