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Hi! I was looking through my playlists, and I saw a few called "Russ <3", "Ember's Playlist" ans another "Ember's playlist." I know who this is, and we are not on good terms. I actually hate her. I wouldn't give her my spotify account, and I don't know HOW she got ahold of it. If I tell her to get off my spotify, she'll just do something crazy like delete ALL of my songs. Is there anything you can do to boot her off my account? I already changed the password and everything, so will that boot her off? Please help me.
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Hey @CatSnake and welcome to the community !


Basic troubleshooting :

Please, check this thread and log your account out of all devices. If you have your account connected to your Facebook, also change the Facebook password.


You said that your account has been hacked, so I would recommend you to contact support through the anonymous contact form so they can help you. This is alternative form so you can enter an email which you can access to get the reply, please make sure that this is an email that is not compromised, and that you have access to it.


Have a nice day 🙂

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