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Harman Kardon AVR - Spotify Connect not working

Harman Kardon AVR - Spotify Connect not working

Hi guys,

Bought a HK AVR (1610) for christmas, which is promoted as being a native Spotify connect device and also appears on Spotify's list of supported devices (  I have spotify premium, multiple android devices and several desktop devices.  All devices have the lastest spotify versions and are all on the same network.
The HK AVR is also on the same network and all network features seem to be working fine.
The only device which does not show up if I click "connect" is the HK AVR. 
I have asked the question on HK's support page also.
Hoping I have missed something simple rather than being a case of consumer neglect by both spotify and HK.

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I have bought the Harman Kardon AVR 171S receiver. Apparently it should work with Sporify Connect but it doesn't.
And I have tried to reinstall the app on my Android phone a few times, but to no avail.
My app sees my AVR but it can't connect even though both my phone and my AVR are on the same Wi-Fi network.

Hi, I've same problem with my AVR1510, did you solve the problem?

My Spotify app was updated only a day or two ago after which my receiver
was finally able to connect to my Spotify account. I didn't alter any
settings and Spotify support hadn't been able to figure out what was wrong.
I can't rule out that my receiver is at fault but my guess is that the app
was the culprit.


From what I can understand there is some ambiguous labeling and promotion of the Harman Kardon range (+ a lot of salesmen dont even know their product)
"I think" unless your stereo receiver is an "S" model.  ie an AVR1510S and not an AVR1510, spotify hardware/firmware is not present - so it wont work.
This is despite what the stickers/box and salesman might tell you.
#caveat, this is my 90% answer after making a lot of enquiries.

I've got the 161s, have never gotten it to work. After a power outage last year it appeared out of the blue. Never to return after about 10 minutes of playback.


Really, really weird and I've never been able to put my finger on it.

SpotifyConnect is not working for this device for over a month now.

HI All, make the second DNS address in your accespoint or modem and the problem is solved for me.  Kind regards, Marcel (Netherlands)

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